synesthetic productions

Bespoke Sensorial Experiences

an aesthetic interpretation of the multi-sensory

Synesthetic Productions began with the multisensorial concert Mysterium and has since expanded to include sensorial dinners, wine tastings, and other tailor-made experiences. Led by olfactory specialist and sommelier, Antonio Artese, and produced by Samantha Stout.

These events combine the senses in an artful way to enhance our perception, stimulate memory and the imagination, and provide a sublime journey as we discover our capacity to feel together.
One-of-a-kind experiences set in world class venues.


Antonio Artese

ideator and protagonist



Antonio blends his classical training with a versatility in the realm of jazz, a penchant for improvisation, and a sensitive appeal to music that is elegant, stimulating and creative.

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Well versed in Italian wine and food, Antonio creates pairings that excite the palate with wines from excellent small producers.


Olfactory Specialist

Skilled in the art of combining raw materials to create new fragrances, Antonio has worked with clients around the world to create custom perfumes.


Perception, Learning and the Brain

Through careful study of the literature Antonio continues to delve deeper into learning about how we perceive.


A UNIque vision and preparation

Following a diploma at the conservatory “Santa Cecilia” in Rome, Antonio received the doctorate in Piano Performance from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2000.

Antonio expanded upon his passion for wine becoming an AIS certified sommelier in 2006 after attending 3 years of classes in Siena.

Since 2014, Antonio has collaborated with Aquaflor Firenze. He is an olfactory specialist leading workshops on artistic perfumery.

Antonio created the Brainwaves Festival, which combined music and neurophysiology in an attempt to better understand how we perceive, feel and remember experiences. He is repeatedly invited to give a lecture at the Course on Music and Music Therapy in Neurology at the University of Ferrara.



Explore all five senses through an enchanting evening



Our Collaborators

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