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Dining Re-defined


The Sensorial Dinner

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An enchanting evening of exploration and delight


The Concept

The Sensorial dinner is an evening of discovery and sensory bliss. Color is the fil rouge that guides the experience, connecting the five senses. Each rendition is a custom tailored event, from the venue to the chef, cuisine and wine pairings.

The format, developed exclusively by Spectra Enterprises, has been precisely calibrated for the enjoyment of our guests.

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A Bespoke Menù

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Musical interludes

Exquisite wine pairings


The Format

Colored lights create the immersive ambience

A bespoke menù is coordinated by a talented executive Chef

Excellent wines complement each dish

Musical pairings entertain and relax

Essential oils stimulate and indulge, for a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable evening


Photo Gallery

Photo Credits: Marcela Schneider Ferreira
& Samantha Stout



What our clients have to say…

After 2 years of workshopping each element of the Sensorial Dinner through various private engagements, Spectra organized the first Sensorial Dinner in September, 2018 in collaboration with Chef, Filippo Saporito at La Leggenda dei Frati (Villa Bardini, Florence). A subsequent event was held at the Relais Santa Croce for buyers invited by the Florence Convention Bureau.

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“Antonio and Samantha worked with our company, Ponder & See, on a Sensorial Dinner in September this year. Our guests are primarily from Australia (we are a philanthropic literary travel company) and Spectra Enterprises organised a dinner for 35 people who are well read and well travelled. They appreciate great food, conversation, wine and beauty. We couldn’t have been more delighted with the evening. To say it was truly enchanting is not an overstatement - words that can rarely be used truthfully we find. In the surveyed feedback from our guests on our 8 day trip, the Sensorial Dinner was in everyone’s top three events. Many thanks to the team who produced this memorable evening, and particularly to Antonio for his spellbinding music.”




“La cena sensoriale da voi proposta e le varie attività annesse hanno letteralmente fatto breccia nel cuore dei nostri buyer, nonché nel mio!!!

Tutti non hanno fatto che ripetermi quanto sia stata un'esperienza speciale che in molti sicuramente potrebbero riproporre ai loro clienti.”


Our Collaborators

Chef Filippo Saporito - La Leggenda dei Frati

Chef Carmelo Pannocchietti - Arà: è SUD

Ponder & See

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