Antonio Artese

Jazz and Classical Pianist, Sommelier, Sensorial Expert


Dr. Antonio Artese, is a multi-sensorial expert, musician and composer. He has worked in the world of fine fragrances since 2013. As a connoisseur of the fine fragrance sector, as well as, of new trends in the Creative Arts, he has worked on several projects involving a multi-sensorial approach that combines perfume and the arts. His latest projects are Mysterium - Multisensorial Concert, the Sensorial Dinner, interactive workshops on artistic perfumery, and the Brainwaves Festival - all produced by Spectra Enterprises srls. 

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Samantha Stout

Materials Scientist, Writer, Lighting Designer, Wine Enthusiast

Co-owner and Administrator

Dr. Samantha Stout holds a doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California San Diego. She is passionate about interdisciplinary endeavors at the intersection of science and technology with literature, music and the arts. She has spent many years working in theatre on scenic design, stage production and lighting, and is the Lighting Designer for the Mysterium - Multisensorial Concert and the Sensorial Dinner; original productions created by Spectra Enterprises srls.